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I am a Swiss lawyer, with a degree in Swiss social security. After 15 years working for renowned international companies, I decided to launch my own activity to focus on delivering a great client experience more than on management or generating revenues.

Teaching martial arts for 20 years as volunteer, I think that what makes me different from other advisor is that I truly care for my clients and I take the full ownership of my advice and guidance.

My Vision


With more than 15 years of experience providing tax and support for individuals living and working in Switzerland, with a focus on highly complex personal or financial situation, my aim is to build a long-term relationship based on trust, so that I could assist you wisely.


I strive to exceed expectations in everything I deliver for my clients. I adjust the process to your needs, to keep it as simple and convenient for you as possible, to reduce the time you need to spent to collect the documents so that you can focus on what is important in life.


Having teached to various audiences over the past decades, I explain taxes in simple terms and encourage my clients to ask questions at any time. I provide them with proactive guidance when required. For it is easier to anticipate a situation than to put out a fire in progress.


Our Services


Individual Tax Support

Tax compliance

From the yearly tax return for resident and non-resident, to the assistance for paying the right amount of taxes and reviewing the tax assessments as well as filling claim or appeal if required, I provide a full support for any tax needs in Switzerland.

Tax planning and financial optimization

For clients needed a step further, I created a tools to establish reliable tax projection to help conducting an in-depth analysis of your Swiss taxes that would be aligned with your cashflow and long-term projects, such as purchasing a real estate.
I can also review proposal for mortgage or your portfolio of insurance in complete independence.

Voluntary disclosure

You forget to report an asset or an income? You inherit something that embarrassed you? I would review the situation and would assist you in the best way for all stages of a voluntary denunciation, with a clear estimate of the late taxes due.

Legal Advices


This is probably a key topic but usually an underrated one. Everything starts with the right to enter or work in a country. Given the incremental complexity of applications that depends on both family situation, citizenship and to the place where you would like to live. I can assist you at any steps of this complex process.

Social security

With my degree in social security, I could assist you with regards to your social security status, from retirement benefits to certificate of coverage application for multi-state workers, I provide with the full range of services.

Board member advisory

I may assist you to complete your duties of a board member. If required, I may also become a board member in start-ups companies to share with entrepreneur my expertise and provide a clear legal frame for the various operations such as levying funds through capital increase or preparation of an IPO.

Corporate Services

Payroll and accounting

I can either set up and manage fully your payroll or help your payroll team on complex situations set up. I also provide high level guidance on employment contracts and set-up for mobile employee and senior executives.

Employer duties

I can act as intermediary between you and the authorities, handling all administrative matters such as tax and social security withholdings, or help you to prepare audits.
I may also fill gap for HR and payroll position for a short period in case you are facing staffing shortage.

Tax ruling and structuring

From the concept to the implementation of complex structuring, I negotiate rulings and administrative processes with the Swiss tax authorities for the benefit of my clients. By being involved in the whole process, I can secure the outcome as per the initial analysis and reached your expectations.


Gorilla – a symbol

Guiding, teaching, protecting. He’s the leader of the troop” Jerry Ragg, artist and conservationist.

Over the years, many asked me: “Why a gorilla? Looks like a moving company or a fitness brand”. Reason is that I could not see any other strong symbol that would demonstrate that once I received a mandate, I will dedicate all my resources to achieve it, protect your interest and take all your worries on my shoulders. This is exactly the role of the Gorilla Silverback for his tribe. Please have a look at the Wildlife conservation for more info.

The background video is a great example, the Silverback in a Japanese zoo, during an earthquake, came immediately to protect the weakest member of the clan, a mother with her very young cub. He assessed the situation, saw the oldest son was safe and managed by himself the situation and secure everything!

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Wildlife conservation

Having been always fascinated by wildlife, I always draw or painted them. Father of two sons, I created and painted a children book for them. Initially, it was just a personal project. Eventually, the book was showed to few friends who requested a copy, during a visio call (COVID lockdown), a client noticed a gorilla sculpture in my office.

The call ended up with a translation in English of the book. Every single profit on the sales are donated for a great foundation, Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH), founded by Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka one of the leading conservationists and scientists working to save the critically endangered mountain gorillas.

Image rights

“By protecting wildlife and ecosystems, we are protecting humans as well”

I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to assist CTPH. It is a great way to support financially wildlife conservation and raise awareness with a beautiful story to read for children. Other books are currently in progress in mind, so stay in loop. Please have a look at their website!

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Get in touch with me!

If you need assistance, I have a solution when you require it. My approach is to always adapt to your needs. Let's be proactive and anticipate together!

Due to Swiss federal system, my expertise is mostly for the french speaking cantons. If you seek for assistance in the german speaking cantons, I highly recommend my peer Selim from (Taxperts).